We at Live Peace International are reaching out from Woodstock, New York to the world.
Member nations: Thank you for being a part of our global unity and peace effort through music and creativity.






    On behalf of Live Peace International and member Live Peace Nations and individual locations, we send you peaceful greetings 

Our  headquarters in Woodstock New York humbly announces the 2013 year of GLOBAL UNITY 

Live Peace Toronto 1969 marked the beginnings of global peaceful actions with the help of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This concert took place at the same time as the Woodstock Concert in New York. Since then the Peace movement has seen its ups and downs,but today we celebrate a vibrant spirit of activism and commitment. Live Peace locations have been cropping up all over the world, and we urge all newcomers to take up the flag for Peace.

It is very easy to become a nation, city, town, or even home for PEACE. Just go to any LivePeace location and research their program and their intent. Look on facebook under LivePeace Woodstock and you will see the many countries there already. Sign up for your own LivePeace page on facebook and watch as the story begins with you. Also please read our mission statement, and do realize that this brief introduction is a mere particle of the big picture.

Flags   Woodstock Walk for Peace

Peace Sign

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Woodstock Council for World Peace